Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Of New Arrivals

More goodies to battle my cold arrived in the post yesterday:

I had an Amazon voucher left over from my birthday, and these are some of the riches which have resulted. All three are books which I've been wanting to read for ages, and all three, coincidentally, have rather nice covers:

I am very excited about all of these books, and will be posting about each of these as and when I read them (starting with Howards End is on the Landing). I also thought I would share the pretty little bookplate which has gone inside all of them -- marked now of course with my name, the name of my college, and the date of purchase:

I shall leave you with another bookish quotation from Sir W (happily, there are many!), which this time comes from his wonderful 1601 essay 'Of Essayes and Bookes'. Although I am not sure if I am always so virtuously minded as he in my choice of reading matter!

'I thinke well of these Bookes named, and the better because they teach me how to mannage myselfe: where any of them grow subtile, or intend heigh matters, I giue my memory leaue to loose them. There are none that I scratch with my pen that doe not fatherly counsaile me to the way of vertue'.


verity said...

I do like that bookplate, rather lovely. Will be interested to see what you make of Howards End...as it has been quite controversial among bloggers.

Bloomsbury Bell said...

I LOVED Wolf Hall - it is such a great work of historical fiction and lifts the genre away from the bodice rippers by the likes of Philippa Gregory (which are fine for a quick holiday read).
I haven't read Howards End is on the Landing although I am intrigued.

Paperback Reader said...

I'm more curious what you will make of the attack Susan Hill makes on people who use bookplates! Ha - I am so glad that you have used one in the book.

I wrote a somewhat controversial review of HEiotL yesterday.

I also picked up a copy of Wolf Hall from the library yesterday (it only took three months from when I requested it).

Sophie said...

Haha, I haven't got to the rant about bookplates yet, Claire, how funny! Yes, I read your review yesterday and will be linking to it when I do mine -- and also to yours, Verity (glad you like the bookplate too, btw!).

Bloomsbury Bell: I can't wait to read Wolf Hall! I read about it ages ago in the TLS before all the Booker hype, and then forgot about it; not quite sure though why it's taken me so long to get around to actually buying it. I am really intrigued to see what it's like as it does sound right up my street.

Table Talk said...

I haven't read the Susan Hill, but I loved the other two. I'm very jealous of your having the chance to read them for the first time still ahead of you.

Sophie said...

I know, I am so much looking forward to them! So nice to have two really *big* books to get stuck into as well.

skirmishofwit said...

That bookplate is very sweet! I always mean to write my name, date, etc in books but always forget - such a shame!