Thursday, 15 October 2009

Of Chocolate Shoes

As you may have gathered from my despair when I had to forego my usual heels for the dreaded pair of Walking Boots earlier in the summer, I am rather fond of shoes. I also rarely say no to a nice bit of chocolate. You can therefore imagine my delight when I discovered the following edible treats:

I think I may just have found my Perfect Chocolates! These stunning Chocolate Shoes are the creations of Bristol based company Clifton Cakes, but are also on sale in Liberty in London (another reason to visit a shop which is already a favourite of mine) and -- dangerously -- via mail order. You can also buy this super cute pair of small shoes, which, as their website suggests, would make a lovely gift:

Clifton Cakes also run chocolate tasting and making courses, which sound rather heavenly. I suspect I'd be rather better at the tasting, than the making, although perhaps when indulging my inner glutton I should remember Sir W's warning from his 1601 essay 'Of Knowledge':

'the body neuer sendeth the stomacke to tell vs, we haue eaten too much, but the soule feeles it too; when the stomache riseth against the meate, the conscience dooth against intemperaunce, and as the one feeles the meate, the other dooth the sinne of the surfetting.'

Although I think my conscience could pretty easily be beaten into submission by the sharp points of those chocolate stilettos..!


skirmishofwit said...

Great minds think alike, obviously :) Glad you enjoyed my blog! Those shoes are lovely - I have seen them in Selfridges food hall and thought of you at the time!

Bloomsbury Bell said...

I am actually in love with Sir W - he has something to say for every eventuality!

Sophie said...

Glad to know the Sir W love is spreading! I think he's fantastic :)