Monday, 26 October 2009

Of Counting Chickens...

... before they are hatched!

I am Seriously Disgruntled today. Having blithely crowed about how happy I was to have recovered from my 'flu in time for my housewarming, it turns out that I was a little premature. Or, in other words, co-hosting an all-night party the day after leaving my sick bed of three days was maybe not my best idea ever. Last night I began feeling slightly woozy again, meaning I had to leave early from a night with friends eating cheese and delicious home-made Hungarian sausages and arguing over which film we wanted to watch (it was fun, really!), and today I woke up feeling much the worse for wear, weak and woeful. I am particularly sorry as I was meant to be going to London this evening with my mum to see Enron at the National Theatre. I had been looking forward to it as it's had great reviews, and I would have loved to have seen Sam West on stage, having thought him very good in numerous TV shows over the years. Strangely enough, I missed out a few days ago on hearing his father, the actor Timothy West, give a talk about his career at a special event in Oxford because I was chained to my bed. Luckily Enron is transferring to the West End next year, so I'll definitely be booking replacement tickets and hoping not to get struck down by any other Inconvenient Maladies!

I am hoping to be properly better tomorrow, when I will post something rather more cheerful (!), but for now, I am going to once more retire under the covers with a hot drink, attempting not to grumble too much as I recline wanly, but rather firmly agreeing with Sir W's words in his 1600 essay 'Of Patience':

'the body by this preuents an aduenture, therefore that respect makes mee obstinate'!

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