Monday, 23 November 2009

Of Leaving the Library

I am writing this in Duke Humfrey's, in which I have spent nearly twelve hours (don't worry, I did squeeze in a 45 minute break for lunch), finishing off a nearly 20,000 word chapter draft for my supervisor.

My fingers feel as if they're about to drop off, and my shoulders are killing me, but I have a wonderful feeling of jubilation at having completed the draft, nevertheless. I am off now to pick up some takeaway (no chance I'm cooking after this!), and sink gratefully into bed. Sir W may have said in his 1600 essay 'Of Sleepe' that

'Fame neuer knew a perpetuall Bedpresser',

but when it's well-deserved (and sometimes when it's not) a bit of bedpressing is a wonderful thing!


skirmishofwit said...

Congrats on finishing the draft! Hope you can return to some frivolities now :)

verity said...

What a long day - I don't think even I have spent quite that long in DH.

Sophie said...

Thanks Miranda! I have a meeting with my supervisor this afternoon but hopefully after that I can relax a bit. And a friend and I are meant to be going shopping at Bicester Village tomorrow so that will definitely provide some frivolity!

Verity: I know! I did feel quite proud at the massive time difference between my entry and exit records in the book...