Thursday, 5 November 2009

Of Boots (2)

Regular readers may remember my despair earlier in the year when I had to purchase The Walking Boots in preparation for my trip to the chalet. Although I must admit that they did me proud as I wandered across the alpine slopes, I am still not overly fond of them. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a heels girl through and through, and The Walking Boots form something of an aberration in my wardrobe.

I was thrilled then, to be able to return today to my more usual boot shopping habits. All of my shoes seem to have died at once, worn down into despair by the Oxford cobbles and autumnal rain. My final pair of flats gave up the ghost a little while ago, and although, as I've said, I love my heels, I am also aware of the need for some rather less vertiginous footwear once in a while. I was therefore very pleased to buy a particularly cute pair of ballet pumps in Jones Bootmaker. I am a sucker for anything with a bow, so these fitted the bill nicely:

After this happy purchase, I continued my quest for The Perfect Boots. This is a long and arduous journey, as it seems to me that the knee length boot trends are not particularly inspiring this season. Sadly, I am yet to meet my ideal match, but I was successful in finding a new pair of, well, I suppose they come under the 'shoe-boot' category, to replace my pair from last winter which are now falling apart through over-use. I found them in the lovely Sassi Shoes on Oxford's High Street, a small shop with a relatively small, but extremely well chosen range of stock:

I often admire the shoes in their window displays, and so I was extremely happy when I tried these on and found them to be comfortable as well as attractive:

I think they'll look especially nice with a couple of cute little skirts I have in my wardrobe, and they'll be good for showing off some of my winter tights. The chunkier heel also appealed, as it's hopefully going to be rather more practical on the Oxford pavements than the spindly kind I favoured last year!

For now, The Perfect Boots might have eluded me, but I am very pleased with these latest -- essential! -- additions to my cupboard. At least I now have something that doesn't leak and which still has its complete heel to wear whilst tramping about searching for my ideal knee-highs.

As Sir W said in his 1600 essay 'Of Complements', and as indeed he might say again if only he could see me tripping about town in my new purchases (well, a girl can dream):

'happy shall I be to haue had the impression of your footesteps'.


verity said...

Those are both lovely! I've never been into Sassi although I walk past it twice a day. I have to confess to favouring slightly stouter boots, particularly once the Monsoon season starts - I have some nice wedge knee highs which are ridiculously comfortable/

Ching Ling said...

I have never dared to go into Sassi, the shoes always look like the excessively pricey kind! I've been looking for boots too, and I have to say that I came away feeling relatively uninspired by the collections in the shops. Sorry for not stopping when I bumped into you on the street the other day, by the way, was in a rush (as usual!) xxx

Sophie said...

Thanks, Verity! I need to buy some stouter boots too, but a friend and I are planning a trip to Bicester Village soon so I'm hoping that might turn up trumps...

Ching: yes, this was the first time I'd been into Sassi, for similar reasons! But they do have some lovely things. Hope you're well x