Monday, 26 April 2010

Of A Present from Persephone

A lovely parcel was waiting for me in my college pigeon hole (or 'pidge') the other day. Or rather, three lovely parcels, as I went into the post room to find a newly delivered stash of Persephone books. I had a Persephone book token from my aunt and uncle for Christmas, but only recently got around to exchanging it for some of those beautiful grey covers.

As always, the greatest difficulty was in deciding which ones I should choose from the many tempting options. So many of these neglected and rediscovered titles sound fascinating, but as I dithered, hovering my cursor over first one, and then another 'add to basket' box on the website, I was reassured by the thought that I've never yet been disappointed by anything that's come through the post from Lamb's Conduit Street.

In the end, I went for one Persephone I've been lusting after for a while: Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary by Ruby Ferguson, which sounds as if it is going to be quite as charming as the 1930s dress fabric used for its endpapers, which is filled with beautiful flowers and dancing couples:

Along with this, I plumped for two of Persephone's most recent publications, which I've been dying to read ever since they came out: Miss Buncle's Book by D. E. Stevenson, which sounds like great fun; and To Bed With Grand Music by Marghanita Laski. I enjoyed Laski's creepily atmospheric story The Victorian Chaise-Longue when I read it last year, and have heard fantastic things about To Bed With Grand Music. Happily, if I like it as much as I expect to, I have two other Laski titles published by Persephone -- Little Boy Lost and The Village -- to look forward to afterwards!

I'm particularly pleased to have received my Persephone parcels just now, as they've arrived nicely in time for this year's Persephone Reading Week, coming up in May:

Begun by Verity at The B Files last year, this year the reading week is being co-hosted by Verity and Claire at Paperback Reader. It's such a great way to spread the Persephone love and learn more about the various titles (to help streamline that wishlist), and I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts and sharing a few of my own. I love the way in which events like this really bring people together across the blogosphere. Indeed, we might say, along with Sir W in his 1600 essay 'Of Censuring', that we will be

'conuersing with bookes',

and I for one can't wait to begin!


verity said...

Ooh lovely! I had Persephone parcels this week too with the new ones.

Thank you for the lovely paragraph at the bottom about our reading week - hurrah!

Sophie said...

No problem, Verity! I'm really looking forward to it -- it's such a great idea.

I hope you enjoy your new Persephones as well!

Karen said...

I'm really looking forward to the Persephone reading week too. I have been saving my copy of The Shuttle since last year so I am ready to jump in!!

Sophie said...

Ooh, The Shuttle is one I want to read at some point before too long, so I'll be looking out for your review! I'm impressed by your self-restraint keeping it for so long.

skirmishofwit said...

What a nice stash of books! I'm very much looking forward to taking part in the reading week too. Your choices look great.

Sophie said...

Thanks Miranda! Yes, the reading week should be fun. I'm hoping I have indeed made some good choices!

Katherine said...

It looks like a great pile! I'm looking forward to Persephone Reading Week too--I've got five books waiting to be read and the two news ones winging their way here!

Sophie said...

Yes, I can't wait to get started on it! It's always so exciting having new Persephones to look forward to. I hope you enjoy yours!